B C Miniatures

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Crest Strip

Crest Strip Made from brass Ideal for the top of a shop bay window but can be used for a wide range of uses e.g. a…



Chessboard with rope detail border Made from brass   Size: 37mm - wide 37mm - high 


Keyhole Plate Set

Keyhole Plate Set   Contains 4 Keyhole Plates.   Made from polished and lacquered brass.


Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations A set of eleven tiny Christmas decorations suitable for hanging on a tree, plus a larger  nati…


Martingale - Horse Brasses Kit

Martingale (Horse Brasses) kit. Kit contains four horse brasses, a buckle and a small hanging ring. Instructions and…


Cutlery Set

Cutlery Set   Finely detailed cutlery set, these are pressed from metal sheet and are therefore flat  …



Set of nine tiny brass keys, supplied with small brass key fob. The largest key is 10mm long   Finely detailed th…


Nappy Pins

Set of 5 open and five closed nappy pins in 1/12th scale   Finely detailed these are pressed from metal sheet and…


Coat Hangers

Set of 4 Coat Hangers in 1/12th scale   These are pressed from metal sheet and are therefore flat


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