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DH120 Figurines

2 "Dresden" Type Figurines. Approximately 24mm high. Cast in White Metal


DH121 Dogs

Pair of "Staffordshire" dogs. Size Approximately 24mm high


DH123 Windsor Chair

Windsor "Wheelback" Chair


DH124 Windsor Chair

Windsor "Carver" Chair


DH127 Telephone

Edwardian Wall Telephone.


DH142 Radio

1936 Ferguson Radio,BR>Approximate overall size 34mm (W) x 43mm (H) x 21mm (D),BR> Kit includes Dial Transfer.


DH143 Radio

1945 Westminster Radio Approximate overall size 43mm (W) x 25mm (H) x 21mm (D). Kit includes Dial transfer.


DH17 Two Old Telephones

Two Old Telephones


DH18 Candlesticks

Two Candlesticks, an Inkwell and a Quill Pen


DH191 French Style "Ormolu" Clock c1865

French Style "Ormolu" Clock c1865 Resin clock Metal candlesticks With dial transfer


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