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DH04 Companion Set

Companion Set


DH103 Large Fireplace

Large Fireplace


DH105 Fire Basket

Front Fret / Fire Basket. Will fit both the DH103 Large Fireplace and the DH104 Small Fireplace with a little adjustmen…


DH108 Bowl type electric fire

Bowl Type Electric Fire


DH125 Heater

Parafin Heater. A small piece of dowel is included to help you roll out the barrels from the brass sheet. Approximatel…


DH126 Fire Back

17th Century "Cast Iron" Fire Backplate 45mm x 38mm high


DH132 Coalbrookdale

"Coalbrookdale" style "tiled" Fireplace with Fender. Overall size 77mm (W) x 81mm (H) You can also fit Glowing Embers…


Glowing Embers for the DH132 Coalbrookdale

Glowing Embers for the DH132 Coalbrookdale Fireplace Plug into your normal lighting system.


DH138 Grate

"All-Night Burning" Grate Type C Circa 1940's - 1960's Fits DH104 Surround.


DH139 Fireplace

Small Parlour Fireplace Would have been installed with a wood surround or "overmantle" Overall Size 58mm (W) x 72mm (H…


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