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Diamond Coated Needle Files

14cm diamond coated needle files with plastic handle covers. Longer lasting and faster working than conventional files …



A selection of the 4 most popular stainless steel tweezers in a handy storage wallet. Includes: self-locking needle …


Hand Held Mitre Guillotine

Hand Held Mitre Guillotine Ideal for cutting balsa wood and other small wood sections Uses standard trimming knife bla…


Humbrol A4 Cutting Mat

The A4 Cutting Mat is a double-sided self-sealing cutting mat with scale markings for 1:72, 1:76, 1:32, 1:48 and 1:24. …


Mini Needle Nose Pliers

 Mini Needle Nose Pliers.   Super value Budget Pliers  made in high grade carbon steel S45C with captive fri…


Riffler File Set

 Budget Riffler Files Set of 10 useful shape double ended rifflers. Useful for reaching places not accessible with o…


Needle File Set

Budget Needle Files Set of 10 assorted needle files. Medium cut, these files represent very good value for money and ar…


Watchmakers type Hammer

Watchmakers type Hammer Also known as a Swiss type hammer, this perfectly balanced miniature cross pein hammer is p…


A3 Cutting Mat

A3 Cutting Mat Made from a hard yet flexible plastic material developed so that cuts in its surface will clos…



General purpose syringes Ideal for the application of glues or for accurate mixing of paints Supplied in packs o…


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